Thyroidectomy Prep, Vocal Trills & Quotes

I am SO happy to finally be back on here and returning to blogging.  These past two weeks have been very busy and eventful and I definitely felt a void without posting last weekend.  Fortunately, my eventful week included birthday celebrations for family, a bachelorette party weekend, super bowl…followed by a snow day (!) a few… Continue reading Thyroidectomy Prep, Vocal Trills & Quotes

Getting Started: Motivation & Anxiety

My questions to readers: What exercise routines work best for you?  What techniques help relieve your anxiety? I’ve been very unmotivated lately and miss my former days of being obsessed with going to the gym and attending motivating classes.  I’ve been lucky that my weight hasn’t changed drastically since my lack of motivation.  I’m wondering, however, how… Continue reading Getting Started: Motivation & Anxiety