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Happy Sunday, everyone!  As January comes to a close, I’m looking forward to beginning a new month by continuing to blog, share, learn, and listen.

Questions for Readers:

  1.  What types of Yoga have you tried or do you prefer?  I’m curious about all the different types of Yoga out there.  I’ve been doing Hatha for the past few weeks, but I am going to try a Vinyasa class in February.
  2. What types of tea do you recommend?  I’ve always enjoyed a cup of decaf black tea, but I’ve also grown to love chamomile and peppermint teas as well.  Tea always helps to relax and ease anxieties, so I’d like to expand my tea-drinking horizons.

This week had ups and downs, but it is ending on an up.  I had a great birthday with my family, friends, coworkers, and students.  I had a slight down, but yoga and time spent with family really helped me get back to a place of positivity.

There was unfortunately a down this week, but I am continuing to channel positivity and support from others and from myself.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, everyone including myself believed that my thyroid nodule was pressing on my vocal cords, causing my frequent hoarseness/loss of voice.  I went to the otolaryngologist that my surgeon recommended this Tuesday.  It turns out that there is a cyst on one of my vocal cords and callouses on the other.  It also turns out that I am using my voice incorrectly and that it is part of the issue.  The hopes are that after voice therapy sessions, the callouses will heal and the cyst will go down.  However, if the cyst does not go down and the therapy isn’t helping, there is a chance that I will need surgery.  The recovery period is three months long when it comes to using my voice in a classroom.  Needless to say, I was very worried to hear this and my anxiety unfortunately crept back up on me throughout the week.  Apparently, vocal cord cysts are very common in people who use their voice frequently throughout the day.  I’m curious about what the voice therapy sessions will be like and I am hoping that it will help.  I will go to my first appointment on February 7th, but I have tried to use the techniques the doctor recommended about using better posture and supporting my voice with deep breaths from the chest instead of relying on my throat.  I’m looking forward to learning from this experience and am curious to see if there are other teachers and professionals out there that are experiencing a similar situation.

This week, I wanted to talk a little more about some natural remedies for hyperthyroidism symptoms.  Even if you do not have a thyroid issue, I’m hoping that some these remedies can help others who suffer from similar symptoms. To give extra background, other symptoms of Hyperthyroidism include muscle weakness, heart palpitations, nervousness, heat intolerance, sweating, trembling in hands, shortness of breath, irritability, insomnia, fragile/thin hair, weight loss, and irregular menstrual flow/fertility issues.  I’ve been trying to continue research while I continue to stick to my workout/relaxation routines that I have put in place for the last month.  Hyperthyroidism is complex and has many different causes.  It’s important to recognize your own cause before going forward with treatment, something that I learned last year.  This past summer, I read about eliminating gluten and I immediately started to cut it out of my diet.  However, after finally finding my current doctor, he explained that eliminating gluten would not be effective in my case. Hyperthyroidism can be caused by Grave’s Disease, Toxic Nodular Goiter (my cause), Immune System Malfunction (aka Thyroiditis/Hashimotos Disease), or Excess of Iodine.  As explained by my endocrinologist, eliminating gluten is something he would discuss with a patient who has Hashimoto’s Disease.  After looking around, what I’ve noticed is that there are many herbal remedies that people have tried such as Motherwort and Hawthorn in place of a Beta Blocker.  I am currently on a Beta Blocker and will be until surgery, but I’m curious to know if this could have helped me.  The only herbal remedies that I have tried myself are teas.  Chamomile always helps me when I am feeling anxious or experiencing insomnia.  Increasing iodine intake is another remedy, especially recommended for patients with nodules. What I have noticed is what a huge impact regular exercise has made on my symptoms.  Exercise promotes cardiac and adrenal activity and keeps your blood circulation healthy and it is a great way to channel nervous energy.  Also, getting enough sleep, is a biggie.  If you are not sleeping enough, it weakens your adrenal glands.  Many of these remedies seem obvious, but I believe it brings more awareness to the impact of a healthy lifestyle on your health.  What will be interesting to see is when I flip to becoming Hypothyroid after surgery.  This will be a whole new experience, so I’m hoping to start researching this soon.

I want to end with a few motivational quotes this time around.  The second one is one of my favorites that a high school coach used frequently.



Thanks for reading!  It has been great hearing from people, learning their experiences, and I hope that this can continue to grow.



2 thoughts on “Natural Remedies

  1. Hi Jeanne
    You are an amazing young lady. You write so beautifully and clearly. I support you and keep you in my prayers as I am sure many family and friends do. You are not alone, will get through this and I’m sure will help others in your life because of your experience. Not only that, you will be so super, super healthy. Have your heard of the book, You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay? It is about the mind body connection. Both she and her publishing company have a lot of supportive materials. Another great author is Kris Carr. I will share more with your mom. Sending you lots of love and healing thoughts. 💚💚💜


    1. Thank you for your love and support, Janice. You are incredible and I am loving the book as well as your page! Looking forward to learning more and becoming healthier.


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